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The Dumbrava Tourism Complex is situated in the heart of Transylvania. Our hotels background is just like a painting, made whit care, by a talented painter. Surrounded whit valleys, and hills, sometimes you could see the local sheep`s, and cow`s walking through the valleys. And on the top of this, near the hotel you could see, the only castle in Romania what was built in form of a shell. The castle`s renovation was finished in this year 2013.
The Dumbrava Hotel has 3 stars and it is very easy to find, because it is near the European road (DN 60), between Brasov € Sighisoara. The two cities are close to the Hotel, for only 1 hour by car. But there is the city of Rupea only 3 km far; there you could visit Romania`s unique castle.
We invite you to visit us, and take a rest in our oasis of relaxation, whit a beautiful view. If you think that you want to share your vacation whit the rest of the family, friends or you`re coming whit a group. We have 47 rooms even for 100 person, single whit 2 or 3 beds, and two apartments. The rooms are functionally-furnished, spacious, bright and clean, and with balconies. And also well-equipped, whit flat-screen cable TV, a mini refrigerator, free Wi-Fi, private bathroom whit a shower, hairdryer, telephone, the room`s door is working both whit keys and cards, which is necessary for the electricity in the rooms. The hotel has also two restaurants, terrace for 50 people, bar which is open 24 hours a day, capable for 40 people. In our first class restaurant which accommodates 150 people here you could taste our specialties, and traditional foods, and drinks also. Most of the ingredients are from our own ranch, so we guaranty you quality. The hotel has a very big parking place, even for minibuses, or busses, secured whit camera. And if you want to organize a meeting, you have the chance to make it here, because we have a conference room which accommodates even 100 people. We organize weddings, even for 700 person in our tent situated next to the hotel, christenings, winetasting`s, and other events.
A big lake is behind the hotel, where you could spend your time fishing, and not only that, but on the lake we also have a recreational area, a summer house capable for 150 people, where you could serve fish.
So these are just some of the possibilities offered by the hotel, but please spend some time checking our site. And if you`re ready contact us, and let us know when are you coming, and which one of the services we could organize for you.
1. Camera secured parking place.
2. Lake for fishing, and pleasure. The prices for fishing are:
- 40 lei/ person from 7:00 o`clock in the morning until 19:00 o`clock.
- 25 lei/ person from 14:00 o`clock, until 19:00 o` clock.
- And those who are staying in the hotel get a 50% discount.
- In the lake there are: carps, crucian, bighead, fitofag.  
- The price includes 2 kg carp fish, if you want to catch more each kg is 14 lei.
3. Conference room capable for 60 people, but in cases for 100 people. And coffee breaks if it`s needed.
4. We organize:
- Weddings
- Name days
- Christenings
- New year events
- Traditional Transylvanian nights: with traditional Romanian musicians and dancers, hot wine, Transylvanian brandy, traditional food with ingredients from our own ranch, fish
- Campfire
- If you would like to visit any one of the villages near the hotel, we offer you to do this visit by horse cart or at winter by horse sleight.
- And if you steel think that this is not enough, you could discover the Transylvanian land by taking an off road trip. For this occasion we have 2 cars at your service.
- On request we can assure transportation from the hotel to airport, and other various locations.
- We bet that you didn`t hear about the €Old Carpathians€. It`s about 900 year old oak tree near to the village Mercheasa, what is 20 minutes far from the hotel by car.
- Did you ever see deer acting like a dog, walking beside you? We think the answer is no. Well next to the village Jimbor (30 minutes far from the hotel by car) is a park with rare animals. The hotel could assure you transportation there. The park lies on 10 hectare, whit several kind of animals like buffalos, boars, swans, lamas, ducks. These are just a few, and the list is way longer.
- Wine tasting, we offer you to taste Transylvanian wines, and not only. We organize wine tasting for groups only (minimum 35 person). This even is about spending your time with a good conversation about Transylvanian wines, getting
to know more about them, and tasting traditional food, like cheese, ham, sausage.
And these are just a few of those things what we could offer you! You should know that we are open for any suggestions from our clients!


As we mentioned before, our restaurant category is first class, and its volumetric capacity is 150 people. Here you could taste our fine menus. We recommend you to take a peek in it:

Warm snacks:
Fresh mushroom sauce


The prices are:
2 single rooms at the mansard: 70 ron/ room
15 double rooms at the mansard: 80 ron/ room
16 double rooms at the first and second floor: 100 ron/ room  
6 double rooms with matrimonial beds at the first and second floor: 120 ron/ room
2 triple rooms at the first and second floor: 130 ron/ room
2 apartments at the first and second floor: 250 ron/ room

The prices are available for one night, and without breakfast.


For other information about the prices, and anything else please contact one of the numbers below:

Reception:+40 0744 778 977
Manager: +40 0747 116 205
Mr Gabriel Dumbrava: +40 0744 313 231
Mr Dan Dumbrava:  +40 0744 323 132
E-mail: contact@hotel-dumbrava.ro


It is located near the National Road 13 (European 60) between Brasov and Sighisoara, for only 3 km from the city Rupea.
Coordinates GPS: N 46.056434 E 25.178865

Places you must visit:

1. The most important is the city Rupea and the castle what was renovated this year (2013). For the first time it was documentarily attested in 1324, but this is not the year when it was built. The fortress of Rupea as we could see it nowadays covers an area of almost 11 ha with walls, towers and inner yards. Due to the dominating position it occupies in the vicinity of the town, it is noticeable from afar. It represents a medieval a medieval creation, a major architectural complex, with levels resulting in five centuries of operation.  In the 15th century, the locality was mentioned by historians as an important commercial and crafts center, with 12 guilds. The fact that it was inhabited by Saxons is attested by the presence of the famous €Bacon`s tower€. Located on the right hand side of the entrance gate. This type of tower is present in all Saxon fortresses, reminding of one of this nationality`s habits, keeping the community`s bacon, and sausage in a protected area, both in order to have them dried and to use them as food supplies in case of an attack on the locality.
But there are 2 museums also the €Gheorghe Cernea€  and the €Vasile Barcoman€ ethnographic museums. And don`t forget about the Evangelical Church and Fortified Enclosure situated in the city.

2. Another highlighted village with a lot of history. Viscri is one of the 6 peasant fortresses in the UNESCO patrimony. Built in the 12th € 13th centuries, a small chapel was built. The tourist visiting Viscri is welcomed through one of the accesses by the entry alley, made as a peasant pavement, by Mihail Eminescu Foundation, sponsored by Prince Charles of Great Britain, which is also reconditioned several houses on the main village road, and the opposite side, he is welcomed by a beautiful park whose steps lead to the main gate of the edifice.
3. And the number of the Fortified Churches, and Fortified Evangelical Churches number is very high, you could find on at: Crit, Fiser, Bunesti, Homorod, Drauseni, Mercheasa, Dacia, Ungra etc.
4. Beside the churches you could visit the: Haller Castle, Sukosd € Bethlen Castle, Jimbor Hill Fortress,  Kalnoky Castle, Racos basalt columns, Persani Mountains, and we assure you that the list is not over.

Specialties of the house: between 9.5 € 37 Ron

- €Dumbravas€ tray with garniture
- €Dumbravas€ surprise with garniture
- €Gabriela€ schnitzel with garniture
- Smoked mutton in pan with polenta
- Smoked homemade sausage with garniture
- Shepherds bulz at €Dumbrava€
- Shepherds tray  

Seasonal specialties: between 13 € 17.5 Ron

- Fresh salad with tuna fish
- Hellenic salad
- €Dumbrava€ salad
- Bulgarian salad

Warm snacks: between 4 € 10.5 Ron

- Stew with fresh mushrooms
- Cheese balls
- Polenta with cheese and cream
- Scrambled eggs with sausage
- Omelet
- Omelet with cottage cheese
- Omelet with ham
- Fried cheese
- Frankfurter
- Pressed cheese in breadcrumbs
- Mesh with ham
- Peasant omelet

Cold snacks: between 1 € 13.5 Ron

- Prosciutto crudo
- Pig trotters
- York ham
- Cottage cheese
- Butter
- Dalia cheese
- Jam
- Olives
- Sandwich
- Mustard
- Sibiu Salam
- Smoked pork loin

Peasant snacks: between 1.5 € 12 Ron

- Homemade dry sausage
- Smoked bacon
- Smoked mutton
- Smoked sirloin
- Sausage
- Pork cheese
- Fresh sheep cheese
- Salted curd, sweet curd
- Cow cheese
- Sheep cheese
- Boiled egg
- Special meatballs
- Cabanos sausage
- Carp eggs
- Greaves
- Pig roulade
- Pasta Roquefort

Soups: between 7 € 9 Ron
- Vegetable soup
- Tripe soup
- Peasant calf soup
- Minced meatball soup
- Chicken soup
- Sour soup with beans
- Chicken soup with homemade noodles

Pork meat: between 3 € 25 Ron
- Grilled pork loin with garnish
- Grilled pork neck with garnish
- Pork chop with garlic and garnish
- Assorted grilled skewers with garnish
- Cabanos sausage in pan with garnish
- Pork liver with onion and garnish
- Breaded schnitzel with garnish
- Pork stew
- Mititei with mustard
- Baked beans with knuckle of pork
- Forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves
- Fried pork in pan with mashed potatoes
- Escalop zingara
- Escalop with wine sauce and garnish

Beef and veal:  between 21 € 45 Ron
- Grilled beef with garnish
- Beef with gorgonzola sauce
- Viennese schnitzel with garnish
- Steak with tartar sauce  

International dishes: between 23 € 25 Ron
- Mixed grill
- Cordon Bleu

Fish dishes: between 8 € 27 Ron  
- Grilled salmon fillet with boiled potatoes
- Parisian perch fillets with boiled potatoes
- Grilled trout
- Fried trout

Chicken: between 12 € 23 Ron

- Chicken breast stew
- Grilled boneless chicken legs with garnish
- Grilled chicken breast with garnish
- Pan € fried chicken livers with garnish
- Grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce with sour cream
- Grilled chicken breast wallet with garnish

Specialties: between 16 € 33 Ron

- Grilled lamb chop with garnish
- Stew of rooster fudulii made in pot with polenta
- Stew of pork fudulii made in pot with polenta
- Grilled cattle fudulii with garnish
- Fried brain with garnish
- Grilled roulade of lamb milk with garnish
- Grilled cockscomb with garnish

Without meat: between 3 € 9 Ron

- Bean soup
- Vegetable soup
- Stew of fresh mushrooms
- Baked beans
- Nature potatoes
- Fried potatoes
- Rice pilaf
- Mexican mix
- Beaten beans

Garnish: between 2 € 9 Ron

- Nature potatoes
- Fried potatoes
- Mexican mix
- Polenta
- Potato pure
- Rice pilaf
- Spinach pure
- Summer vegetables
- Potato with broccoli and sour cream

Desert: between 5 € 11 Ron

- Cheese pancakes
- Pancakes with jam
- Pancakes with sweet cheese and raisin
- Ice cream
- Fruit cocktail  
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